A new era for tracking

For the past 3 years, we have been developing an innovative tracking technology for the automated control of audiovisual systems. The technology is in the process of being finalized for commercialization in 2020.

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Real-time tracking

Our technology captures and transmits all position and rotation data of the performers on stage in real time and in 3D.

Solutions - Tracking Identification

Intelligent identification

The system is able to automatically identify each performer from one scene to another. Once tracked, each performer is recognized individually.

Solutions - Beaconless Tracking


No sensors, no beacon, no tags ! No equipment on the performers is required for tracking.

Solutions - Tracking Plug and Play

Plug & Play

A fast and intuitive configuration: a single fixture fixed above the stage allows the follow-up of all the performers.

Solutions - Tracking Compatible


A technology designed to adapt to scenes of all sizes, indoors and outdoors.

Solutions - Tracking Fiabilité et précision

Accuracy & Reliability

Accuracy of tracking in the centimetre range for optimal and reliable real rendering. A technology designed for the stage and its complex environments.


The Naostage tracking system captures and transmits 3D position data (X,Y,Z) from all performers to automation controllers. Automate your audiovisual effects in real time and with perfect synchronization. Integrate this tool into your creations and connect it to your lighting systems, multimedia servers, video projection, sound system, video capture system or any system that can be monitored in real time to trigger effects.

Applications - Tracking Lumière


Full-automated followspot & interactive lighting effects

Applications - Tracking Video Mapping

Média & Projection

Media, projection & video mapping

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Sound system

Spatialized and immersive sound system

Applications - Tracking Video Mapping


Automated control of video capture system

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Third Party Systems

Trigger any action and effect with tracking for your most creative and innovative designs

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